Pre-Order Equity Outside of the Box Exclusive Deal

Pre-Order Equity Outside of the Box Exclusive Deal

Why is equity such a problem in education for diverse learners?

Learn how to “unbox” equity in your school or district with a focus on:


  • Connection. How do we manage and cultivate positive connections between the people, policies, and practices of education?
  • Contextualize. How do we move from assumptions and limited perceptions to a clearer understanding of the big picture?
  • Conversations. How do we engage in conversations that lead to a positive connection that leads to empathy in action?


Leaders, teachers, parent, and community member, unbox barriers to diversity, representation, inclusion with equitable, intentional, and actionable practices.


There are two kinds of learning environments, those that are equitable and those that inequitable. Historical data worldwide denotes diverse learners' continued cognitive malnutrition due to the lack of representation, inclusion, and diversity. Traditional approaches to elevate equity are isolated efforts to "fix" students. Yet, that response has not improved equitable outcomes. Equity Outside the Box: A Framework for Engaging Diverse Learners aims to provide K-12 leaders, teachers, and community members with a paradigm shift to "unbox" equity in K-12 schools.


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