Post-Pandemic School Leadership

In a post-pandemic world, leadership will look and feel different. There will be a shift in the focus from the ‘What’ to the ‘Whom’. Keen attention will now have to be placed on service and the impact that serving others will make. Relationships will become even more invaluable and leaders will have to depend even more on their emotional intelligence skills than anything else to help leverage the relationships they will form.

Even though we are all filled with hope about 2021, the impact that 2020 has had on the world, and our way of life will linger long into the future. As a leader, you will need to be prepared to support and confront issues as they present themselves.

A post-pandemic world will see the adjusted standardization of not only efficiency but also resilience and adaptability. This will in-turn result in people being encouraged to be their most authentic selves and, eventually make irrelevant, the standards that made leaders powerful in the past (a pre-pandemic world). Social media, the negative messaging paired with 2020 along with the consistent turn of events that we witness day in and day out on television would have also added to this shift.

What future problems will leaders have when beginning to analyze the impact of the damage of this pandemic? They will have to use data to forecast opportunities that will elevate and foster real connections with those they will lead and serve. Importance should then be placed on a leader's ability to be proactive because it is inevitable that we will no longer be living in a predictable world.

For more discussions on this topic and so many others, you can listen to the Equity Elevator Podcast’s ‘Post Pandemic Educator’s Pre-planning Series’ or visit to access resources and more details.

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