How does equity in the box impact learning during digital learning?

The worldwide pandemic has left so many wondering. Students, teachers, parents, educators, leaders, school districts, and states left wondering how to continue teaching and learning effectively during the worldwide pandemic. The concerns regarding economic stability and returning to normal to ensuring students' and staffs' safety. Despite all of the explicit opinions and facts that accompany the pandemic, one crucial topic that needs to be emphasized is equity in students' education.

Before the pandemic, equity in education was already an area of concern in the United States. Social injustices that stem from historical systems are showing effects even today, especially during the pandemic. The data on the impact of the epidemic proves that most of the impacted populations are more likely to be those from diverse backgrounds representing the minority of our national community.

Some would prefer to reopen schools with business as usual with the implementation of certain precautions. Others understand the disparities in the pandemic's impact on the diverse communities and would prefer to take continued precautions such as digital learning and remote work. Parents, educators, and lea