Creating School Environments to Respond to the Impacts of Social Justice

With the avalanche of social injustice issues in recent times, many have been left emotionally unstable. With images of protests and violence floating across social media, witnesses have been left bewildered about the state of the United States and the world at large.

The tough question that we must all address is how we can move from reactive to proactive to decrease inequities in teaching and learning after the such unrest. This solution must also address the impact of social injustice within the community, understanding the influence of social justice on students and student’s learning, positioning educators to empower through social unrest.

Without a doubt, social justice is an essential part of the teaching and learning process for all learners to succeed, not just diverse learners. I challenge you to examine your own personal thoughts on social justice and what it looks like in schools and ask yourself if there is an opportunity for refinement of your own practices.

Unfortunately, society has polarized social justice, emphasizing the extremes on both sides. This sometimes makes the conversation uncomfortable, but do not submit to the temptation to disengage. Embrace the reality of the difficulty involved in addressing social injustice and embrace ways to move learning forward equitably.

I cannot help but agree with the National Education Association when they stated in a recent article that “Social justice is about distributing resources fairly and treating all students equitably so that they feel safe and secure—physically and psychologically”. Unfortunately, a look at schools across the nation makes it clear that fair distribution of resources and equitable treatment does not always happen.

Social injustice is nothing new in society and in education, yet it has remained an elephant in the room in most organizations and continue to remain that ways. Most school systems have cast viewpoints in their community. Each school must consider how they can uphold the civil right of students to receive fair and safe schooling.

If your school, organization, district, or community are ready to elevate equity in your community, we are here to support you in that process. With an emphasis on restoring and leveraging relationships to respond to your unique equity needs. The Equity Elevator Solution caters to schools and organizations that believe that you cannot change what’s going on around you until you start changing what’s going on within you.

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