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Join me as we elevate equity in education.

Jewlana Smith Hunter is epitomized by creative thinking, brilliant intuition, and insight. She is equipped with sound academic/consulting principles and well-validated techniques which produces amazing results.


She is the owner of Equity Elevator Consulting, - an educational consulting firm dedicated to helping schools and organizations across the U.S. achieve equitable goals that are actionable and intentional.

She is currently an Assistant Principal. With over sixteen years of experience in the educational sector; she served as a Mathematics Instructional Specialist, Academic Coach, Instructional Staff Developer, Education Administrator, Data Support Specialist, and as Classroom Teacher.


She has a proven track record in taking significant change initiatives with a deep sense of urgency to improve minority students, underperforming schools, and the educational board at large.


Jewlana is the author of Equity Outside the Box: A Framework for Engaging Diverse Learners. She has an extensive educational background and has obtained certifications in Educational Leadership Certification K-12. Seeking to widen her horizon of knowledge, she is currently a graduate student at Clark Atlanta University College of Education where she is working towards obtaining her Doctorate degree in Urban and Educational Leadership.

She has spent her life's work dedicated to providing and research experiences in teaching and learning that lead to optimal outcomes for student learning. 

Quick Sync

National Science Teachers Association

Facilitated professional learning to at conferences for over 3 years on how to close achievement gaps and make science instruction accessible to diverse and minority learners.

Georgia Department of Education

Facilitated state-wide professional learning on creating effective leadership collaborations for system transformation for diverse and minority learners. 

National Council on Measurement in Education

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Legacy of Equity in Education

Teacher Collaboration

Teacher Collaboration

Designed, facilitated and implemented effective structures and protocols aligned to positive psychology to promote teacher collaboration for equitable outcomes.

Data Dialogue and Strategic Planning

Data Dialogue and Strategic Planning

Critical data analysis protocols aligned to positive psychology to aid in effective strategic school-wide planning for student success.

Academic Advancement

Academic Advancement

Designed curriculum and course content for technology integration and effective instructional practices to support system-wide implementation.

Closing the Achievement Gap

Closing the Achievement Gap

Acquired funding for districts and schools to provide equitable outcomes for students in mathematics, science, STEM and literacy.

Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Supported over 10,000 teachers in professional learning, training, mentoring and coaching towards equitable practices to increase diverse and minority learners success.

District Curriculum and Instruction

District Curriculum and Instruction

District and School Level Leadership Professional Learning and Training.

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